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Hey, I’m Mike. I make products and marketing look good.

But most importantly, I make them more effective. Currently managing consumer marketing and design at Empyr in San Diego as resident digital marketing powerhouse.

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Web/app design and front-end dev, email design and coding


World-class presentations, sales collateral, tech documentation


Copywriting, growth-marketing, and A/B test implementation

So. Who is Mike, Anyway?

I'm Mike Stevenson, an interdisciplinary designer based out of San Diego that brings a lot to the table. I currently manage consumer and growth marketing at a rapidly growing startup, Empyr, where I strategize, design, and implement a variety of digital and print campaigns to accelerate adoption and engagement. Hit me up if you'd like to learn more. Don't be shy.

Principle #1: Be Empathetic.

Man, it’s always so tempting to have all the bells and whistles. And sometimes that works. But being able to empathize with the people that are interacting with your product and brand is priority numero uno.

Principle #2: Keep Learning.

What worked yesterday might not work as well today (bummer). Not only is the web rapidly evolving, but so are the people using it. Design-thinking should be fluid and versatile to drive the best results.

Principle #3: We Can Do That.

We live in an exciting time. With the technology we have at our fingertips, we can create almost anything imaginable. Even if an idea seems like a stretch, we can most likely make it happen.

Principle #4: Collaboration is Key.

You know what they say... two heads are better than one. Ideas flourish exponentially when stacked with differing perspectives. Collaboration maximizes potential for success.